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    BaitCloud Fishing Attractant Is Backed by Science
    BaitCloud fish attractant brings the fish to you, which increases your chances of reeling in a trophy trout or bass. By stirring the water with bubbles, creating a murky cloud, and releasing a scent that’s pleasing to fish, it captures the attention of nearby swimmers and draws them right to your line while you do the rest. More fish in the area greatly increases your odds.
    BaitCloud fish attractant works because it plays on the behavior that appeals to fish. Toss it in the water and wait for the research behind it to happen. It’s just that easy.
    BaitCloud Fish Attractant Makes Fish Feel Safe
    Some fish, such as crappie, bass, and sunfish, enjoy cruising through murky depths because it makes them feel more obscured. That’s why you’re more able to catch them in the muddy waters after a rain. BaitCloud makes these fish feel safe enough to approach. And when they do, your lure will be ready and waiting.
    Trout, as well, tend to populate the shady spots and areas where cover is readily available. Overhanging growth, shaded river banks, and submerged logs are all hotspots for trout for this very reason. When you drop a BaitBloud ball in the water, the visual cloud it creates provides cover for twitchy fish, including trout.
    Try BaitCloud Today
    Turn a good day on the water into a great day with the help of BaitCloud Fish Attractant Balls. Our baits use environmentally friendly products that won’t hurt waterways or harm aquatic life. They’re backed by science and tested again and again as we make steady improvements. Proudly manufactured, packaged, and sold in North America., BaitCloud products are a mainstay for every tackle box. They’re lightweight and portable enough to carry onto the ice, stow in the boat, or tuck neatly in with your other fishing tackle. Try the BaitCloud line of fishing attractants today for the ultimate angling experience.

    Now available for InLine fishing! These balls have a hole through the middle so that fastening the ball to your line is easy. This gives you more control of your underwater attractant zone that will last long after the initial fizzing activation. Drop. Wait. Fish!
    Panfish are primarily visual hunters using their keen sense of sight to identify their prey. Their foraging consists of hovering in water scanning for prey. They are very curious and often feed in groups creating frenzy.
    BaitCloud has created an InLine multi sensory Panfish Formula attractant using science and innovation to mimic nature. By studying the feeding behaviors of these species, we have engineered a multi-sensory product to trigger the instinctive feeding and hunting behaviors in sportfish.
    The weather is perfect. The location is spot-on. Still, you’re not getting the action needed to reel in the fish of your dreams. Some anglers write a day like this off to bad luck, but if you bring along the right fishing attractant, odds are good that your luck will change. BaitCloud fish attractant appeals to fish where they live and swim. Specially designed to mimic the behaviors that make fish curious, a BaitCloud day will always be a good day. Here’s why.


    We only have Shad and Panfish available

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