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  • ContactStephen Harrison
  • Location Trenton, Ontario K8V 5P6
  • Phone 1-877-994-5464
  • Member of Barter Central Ontario
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    Durable Protection Coating.
    No odor
    No V.O.C's
    Aids in the removal of otherwise difficult to remove soils and contaminants.
    The professional's, choice MAX ALL is effective on virtually any porous and non-porous surface including: wood, concrete, cement, brick, grout, stucco, porous tile, plaster, masonry, drywall, stone, marble, granite, rock, sandstone, fiberglass, leather, painted surfaces, wallpapers, etc. Not recommended for smooth, polished walking surfaces such as glazed tile, smooth brick, slate or on surfaces to be painted without removing MAX ALL first.
    Treated surfaces should be free of oils, grease heavy soils.
    Apply by cloth, spray, brush, roller, or mop. Apply two coats for maximum protection on surfaces.

    4 Litre size

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My name is Stephen Harrison. I was born and raised in the Quinte area in Ontario. In the past I have worked in restaurants, service stations, and factories. From 1987 to 2002, I owned and operated a full line pet store called “Stephen’s Pets” in Trenton, Ontario. With the pet store, I belonged to three different barter exchanges. When I closed my pet store I became owner of one of the barter exchanges. For thirteen years I worked as a broker for different barter exchanges. In 2015, after being a member of three exchanges and being a broker looking after over 100 members, I decided to start my own exchange: Barter Central Ontario My wife, Leesa, has Leesa’s Dog Grooming in Trenton, Ontario. Leesa has owned and operated this business for over twenty five years and has been doing dog grooming on barter for over 20 years.

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