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    Optimum Fuel


    Optimum Fuel will help you to reduce up to 85% of the harmful emissions from your vehicles exhaust, as well as save 5% to 15% on your cost of fuel. They are totally safe to handle and are very easy to use.

    Optimum Fuel:

    Is 100% vegetable-based, 100% bio-degradable and completely non-toxic. Optimum Fuel cannot harm engines and other parts of the vehicle both in the short and long term.
    Is completely dissolved in the fuel tank.
    Is a cleansing agent whose chemical structure is similar to an ordinary detergent. However, Optimum Fuel does not contain any chemical additives or petroleum additives.
    Cleans the entire fuel system! The tank, fuel lines, fuel chamber, valves, nozzles, atomisers.
    Contains bound oxygen. Thanks to continuously cleaned atomizers / nozzles and the supplied oxygen, a more complete combustion is achieved. This means that more power is extracted ruing combustion and that fewer carbon particles occur. This, in turn, means lower fuel consumption and fewer exhaust emissions. More miles for the same cost, a cleaner engine and a cleaner environment.
    Cleans so efficiently that soot is released in the combustion chamber, as are bacterial-type contaminants in both the tank and fuel lines. For this reason, we recommend that you check the fuel and oil filters initially after approx. 10-15 tanks containing the Optimum Fuel additive.

    One tablet is enough for 80 litres (20 gal) of fuel. However, there is no risk by overdosing.

    A double dose should be used for the first and second tanks, i.e. two (2) tablets per 80 litres of fuel. Afterwards, one (1) tablet should be added for each 80 litres (20 gal) of fuel.

    The tablet is inserted into the filler tube so that the entire tablet is flushed down into the tank during the filling of fuel.

    The tablet should not be stored in a location where the temperature can be lower than -20°C (-4°F) or higher than +30°C (+86°F).

    The tablet should be kept out of the reach of children.

    If you drop a tablet on the ground, make sure that no gravel or other rubbish becomes attached to the tablet and accompanies it down into the tank.

    We recommend service of oil, oil filter, and fuel filter and inspect the condition of the air filter after the initial 4-5 fill-ups using Optimum Fuel. Soot will be released into your filters that has been collecting over time. After this initial cleaning period, you can return to your regular maintenance schedule.


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